The Canal Club – 1545 East Cary Street, Richmond, VA

By: Katherine Boller

Next to the historic Canal Walk in the heart of Downtown Richmond, Virginia, sits The Canal Club. Inside of its aged brick walls is a lofty two-level venue. Because of this, there’s plenty of places to view the performers as well as plenty of seating. The bar serves both food and drink at, what I found to be, pretty reasonable prices for its high quality – I definitely recommend the tater tots!

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One of the biggest problems I’ve had with smaller venues is trying to find parking. Not with The Canal Club. It’s located near a public parking lot and multiple bus stations. The staff was super friendly and were able to keep the crowd under control without dampening the fun.

This venue is a city treasure, where many local bands get the chance to open for well-known artists. The Canal Club has hosted Drake Bell, Famous Last Words, Citizen, and other big names over the years. As a smaller concert dive, The Canal Club has a very intimate vibe, where performers often mingle with the audience after their shows. It’s an amazing experience to see your favorite artists so close to where you’re standing, but to be able to meet them after is a whole other level.


The sound is close to perfect as well. It’s loud enough to get lost in the music, however you don’t need to scream your head off to hold a conversation with the person next to you. There’s also plenty of floor space to get as close to, or as far away from, the stage as you want – enjoying the music, and leaving without that pestering ringing in your ears.

If you ever find yourself craving a good time, good eats, and some good music in Richmond, Virginia, I recommend stopping by The Canal Club! Check out their upcoming shows at

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