Ian Woolley

Ian Woolley has been in the music industry since 1974 and has built up a vast amount of musical knowledge across many genres. Starting out singing in a band in his home country of Wales, due to work commitments he relocated to the South coast of England in 1981. He began a successful career as DJ in England which also took him to work briefly in France,Malta, Switzerland and finally Dubai in 1998. Adding to his portfolio, he was one of the original pioneers of Karaoke in England, as well as organising trivia music and general knowledge events. In 2012, he began supplying trivia packages for mobile applications for various companies including Bluestratus, Plain Vanilla Corporation and BSkyB (the latter for a new television game-show).

In 2013, he founded Quiz Britain which promotes trivia and quizzing, primarily in the UK where he is CEO. The company supplies and organises bespoke trivia and quiz packages for events – many of which are charity based. Clients have included The Air Ambulance Trust, It’s Your Choice, Joshua Deeth Foundation, Oakhaven Hospice as well as corporate events, including  the Only Fools & Horses Convention. The company has also promoted many successful TV game-shows for various companies including ITV and BBC, as well as appearing in some as a contestant.

In 2017, he was organiser of a special one day trivia quizzing event called Quizfest UK which involved lots of celebrities from the world of Quizzing, TV, Comedy and the Music industry. He also wrote and directed a short youtube comedy spoof involving many that were present.

His newly formed side company QB Productions was launched in 2018, working in various capacities with supplying celebrities from the world of music and TV. These include interviews, book signings, ’an audience with’ theatre shows, guest trivia appearances and individual performances and charity events. At the same time, he began to write monthly columns for the Beat Music Magazine, interviewing many worldwide pop artists across all genres. Reviewing their autobiographies and books, as well as new albums. He also freelances show reviews at various theatres around the UK.

Recently he launched an online Podcast called ‘WoolleysBeat’, where he interviews many pop artists and authors of music books and autobiographies, as well as those that work on TV and Radio.

As a lover of many genres of music since his teens, Ian’s knowledge is without question and although he works with many established acts, he has always been keen to promote upcoming bands and artists. 

His motto is ‘you never pass a good busker by’!

@Quizbritain and @WoolleysBeat (on twitter)

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