REDSIX: Thinking About the Next Thing
Written by: Helen Yablonski

Denny and Kevin have been writing and playing music together since they were in high school.

They had started a band at that time, but they broke up once they graduated. After splitting up, with some of the members even staying overseas, they decided to reunite and create a new project.

REDSIX is a “weird” mash-up of different genres, according to the group.



“In high school, and growing up, we were listening to a lot of pop-punk and a lot of metal,” Denny explained. “It’s what we knew how to write; it’s what we were used to listening to. For our first album, we just decided to work off that while trying to see if we could add onto it and see if that worked.”

Based in Jakarta, Indonesia, band members Denny (vocals), Kevin (guitar), Wicak (guitar), Ipang (bass) and Rizman (drums) started making music together in 2018.

“We were at this phase where we don’t really care what genres come out of those monitors at the end of the day. We just go in there and see what looks good, and see what feels good, and what sounds good,” Kevin said.

Their first album Uproar released in 2018, and the newest single, “Vessel”, debuted in 2020. I liked the fact that it fits in the Rock/Alternative genre. I think it could do better in the North American and European markets due to this. I felt some of the transitions were really subtle and effective.

“It’s definitely about something pretty explicit, but we didn’t want that to be super clear. We kind of wanted something that was a little more ambiguous. So, I really like the fact that the people that watch it have their own meaning for it,” Kevin explained regarding the music video.

This song does a great job and I feel that it’s radio-ready, but would prefer the beginning a bit more in your face. In regards to their music video, they want the viewers to have their own creative liberties.

“When people ask us what it’s about, we don’t really say. I think it’s more effective if you as a viewer have a totally different opinion because then it’s special for you,” Kevin said.

They plan on keeping the meaning as open-ended as they possibly can, for the fan’s sake.

Denny and Kevin describe REDSIX’s sound as a mixture of Four Years Strong and Fall Out Boy.

“Those were two bands we were all listening to a lot in our formative years, but as time went on, we started getting inspired by older music,” Kevin said.

Both band members enjoy branching out and listening to different styles of music to keep their inspirations fresh and unique.

“When you’re in the studio and you’re recording and you write yourself into a corner or you get stuck, something will come up from what we’ve been listening to and then it turns out it’s the right fit for that portion of the song we were stuck at,” Denny said.

Late 80’s music, obscure jazz and country all play a part in REDSIX’s songwriting. If they had to pick an artist (dead or alive) to collaborate with, they would love to pick at John Lennon’s brains — “and then feeling really bad about yourself as a songwriter,” they laugh.

The band credits the growth to the change in their sound from high school to the present day.

“I think the major change is that we are in a very exploratory phase. In general, it’s very new, it’s uncharted territory so I think you can hear it in comparison to our high school stuff,” Kevin explained.

They laugh in regards to their older music.

“We’ve gotten a lot older and we stopped trying to be cool,” Denny said, “It didn’t work by the way.”

REDSIX has taken time during quarantine to focus on staying creative and continue writing.

“If you look at the positive, it gives you a lot of time to be forced to create,” Kevin said. “Because you have nothing else really, so you have the perfect opportunity to start writing.”

Like many other artists, they are uncertain what the future may hold.

“I personally try not to think too far ahead, I like to think about the next thing,” Kevin said.

Denny and Kevin want to continue to write and collaborate with everyone else in the band.

“As long as we’re writing, and we’re having fun doing it,” Denny said, “I think whatever comes next is just a nice added by-product.”

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