Presley Tennant has “The Voice” that Leads to Stardom
Written By: Miles Riddell

Presley Tennant is a true entertainer possessing pure natural talent. Her performances and content are high-energy and captivating, sending the audience back in time to the fears they have faced or challenges they overcame. A songwriter, singer, and dancer who works closely with professionals for quality productions. All of this at only 18 years old, however, her talents started to show at the young age of 7. She has done many live performances throughout these years and has gained confidence and control on stage.

With performances that enchant audiences with her vocal skills she usually can’t make it through a song without people cheering halfway through. Producing a variety of different vibes like fun, high tempo tracks like her song “Childish” to songs that show off her voice like “The Woods”. Her main genre is Pop music but has songs that encompass soul and R&B.


Presley Tennant starred on the show “The Voice” at the age of 16 where she caught Kelly Clarkston’s ear within the first 30 seconds of her performance. Although she didn’t win, she was invited back for the finale. After the show, she was invited to sing a duet with Kelly during the “INSPIRE Charity Concert” so it is clear that there is a lot of potential in her future. She is charismatic, confident, and a good role model for younger fans. I had the pleasure of getting to know her better when I had the opportunity to interview her about her career.

Music Player Magazine (MPM): Is it true you were first recognized on the app?
Presley Tennant (PT): “In a way, yes! I was already performing throughout Southern California but musically gave me a push in the right direction. I was definitely not expecting that at all. I was putting videos out there where it was just for fun. As soon as I started getting recognition for it, I knew that I wanted to use that platform for my career.

MPM: When did you realize you wanted a career in music?
PT: When I was about 12 years old, I joined a girl group and was introduced to this whole entertainment industry & I fell in LOVE with it. So, I would say right at that time, I knew I wanted to do music for the rest of my life.

MPM: Your musical career started before you were 18, how has this affected you?
PT: Many people would say that I didn’t have a “normal childhood”. While many of my peers would be with friends or at parties, I’d be performing and making memories in that way.

MPM: How has COVID impacted your music career?
PT: COVID has definitely affected my music career the same way it’s affected the entire music industry. COVID has put a pause on so many shows in 2020. I really hope we’re able to get back to shows in 2021. In a way, it also has benefited those who are using this time to your advantage. Personally, I’ve been trying to get as much done “behind the scenes” by creating so much new music. The goal is as soon as this craziness is over or as soon as everyone has gotten used to the new normal, to release new content.

MPM: Did you have events planned for 2020 that were shut down?
PT: I’ve had a few events that have been shut down due to COVID, but I also have a few that are still continuing to happen as long as everything stays on track.

MPM: You recently performed in a Zoom virtual concert for “Dunn is Done With Cancer Variety Show” with David Lee and Cameron Wright how did that go?
PT: The zoom concert went great. It’s definitely still, something to get used to but overall, it’s a great idea with limited opportunities.

MPM: Has COVID given you more of an opportunity to connect with fans?
PT: COVID has definitely given me more of a chance to connect with fans. It’s allowed me to really take time and appreciate the love and support I receive.

MPM: Do you run your own social media?
PT: I do run all of my social media. I think it’s important too as it’s a major way to connect with people.

MPM: What is your process for writing a new song from scratch?
PT: It all kind of depends on what comes first. Sometimes a lyric just pops into my head, so I’ll write that down and focus on the lyrics and the story I want to tell. Other times it’s a melody and so I’ll record that and then try to write to it. It all just depends.

MPM: I saw you on “The Voice” what was that experience like?
PT: Being on “The Voice” was such an incredible experience! Being surrounded by like-minded people who genuinely love and do music as a profession was such a nice feeling. “The Voice” did grow my career. It opened different doors that have allowed me to open up/share the same stage with people such as John Michael Montgomery, Tim McGraw, Jake Owens, Chase Rice, Cody Johnson and so many more.

MPM: How did it feel to have Kelly Clarkston turn around in the first 30 seconds?
PT: Kelly has been an idol of mine since I started singing when I was 7. She was my first concert ever; I sang her song “Because Of You” for every little talent show audition I had around my town, & I would only sing her songs for this Play Station game I had, so when she turned her chair, I was freaking out!

MPM: Did you learn anything from being on the show?
PT: I learned a lot from the show. Not just as an artist standpoint but also as a normal person. The experiences I received and what I learned there is something I’ll always cherish.

MPM: How do you plan to bounce back from this Pandemic?
PT: I just got back from Nashville, I writing and recording so much new music, so the plan is to keep the music coming so by 2021 when the shows are up and running again, we’ll be right where we left off.

Presley Tennant has been busy releasing singles that are getting a lot of attention. Her most viewed tracks off Spotify are “Me and You”, “Nothing Breaks Like A Heart”, and “O.O.T.D.” Tennant writes or co-writes all of her songs which is a skill that cannot be taught. This makes her lyrics so meaningful and relatable. What’s special about her songwriting is that some of it is based on her life experiences so we get to see a glimpse of her in her soulful storytelling. It is easy to see her style is inspired by artists such as Demi Lovato, Taylor Swift, and Bruno Mars…however, she has original songs that differentiate her from the crowd.

“Me and You” is relatable to anyone who has been through a nasty breakup – a relationship regretted and difficult to move on from. The majority of people have dealt with the sour part of love and this impressive song, cowritten by Tennant, takes you through that journey. Looking into the refrain of the song she says:

“and so I fell hard, a little too far, I was high on love, drunk on you there was nothing we could do, to stop this or deny it, I wanted to believe it, you wanted to believe it too, there should have never been a me and you”

The music video for “Me and You” gives a visual portrayal of the feelings she was going through during this experience and helps clarify the song’s meaning.

Presley’s music and videos have all the nuances of a seasoned professional. Singing over fun tracks with popping kicks and bass lines, as well as harmonizing in slower tracks, present her true talent for singing. Videos like “Childish” have an entertaining, fun vibe with lots of edits to make them really pop in the viewer’s face.

In the future, Presley Tennant will be seen headlining large music festivals or performing at her own live shows. Her music fits nicely on the radio and is easily marketable for the top music charts. With her natural talent, Tennant has a bright future that I look forward to following.

Tennant is a professional entertainer who is comfortable on stage and controls the crowd with confidence. Singing and dancing in sync with her backup dancers while engaging with the audience, enhances her live performances and music videos, making them more entertaining for the audience. It is truly a skill that takes practice and dedication with a team of choreographers, producers, and videographers to make her shine.

Presley Tennant has already accomplished so much at her young age. Her drive has resulted in an impressive career and she still has room to grow. We will be seeing big things from her in the future and some new music coming soon.

Be on the lookout for her new songs and get on the wave for this rising superstar! Find more at or at MPM Spotlight Artist.

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