Flo Milli, Mobile, AL native, brashly and flawlessly clears up anyone questioning her musical capabilities on her new EP Ho, why is you here? The mixtape cover features the legend in the making squatting, glittered from head to toe. She flaunts a burnt orange outfit complete with door knocker earrings and a platinum blonde wig. The 12-tracks cover subjects that many young adult women are concerned with: staying in their bag (acquiring money, for those not indoctrinated) and remaining unbothered by the haters. 

Sonically, the EP is filled with brightly colored drum production, classic samples and interpolations from 90s hits, and sometimes sparse yet deep bass. Listeners may find that Flo’s cutesy adlibs and unbreakable flow (when does she take a breath?) stands out on tracks like “Pockets Bigger,” with it’s NLE Choppa inspired production. It’s a fun song and among one of my favorites alongside “May I” which is reminiscent of a cheer or a girls game song. 

With a mix bag of producers Young Glizzy, J White Did It, WhoIsMike, Ethereal, and more, the sounds created on this EP amalgamate southern trap music with musical elements reminiscent of other cultures (i.e. sounds suggestive of steel pans, zhengs, and more), as well as different regional hip-hop music cultures (e.g. G-funk out on the West Coast). 

On the whole, Flo kills this EP with no features and amassed over 1.6 million streams the first weekend of its release. Trumpets of praise from Rico Nasty, Janelle Monae, and the iconic Missy Elliott emerged via Twitter as the 20 year-old flosses her intellect and paper in the music video “Weak.” While a sampling of SWV’s “Weak” loops in the background, Flo’s critique of these weak men effortlessly floats over 808s courtesy of J White Did It. With the music video under the direction of Sarah Lacombe, Flo walks between muscular Black men bowing towards her in reverence. Throughout the iconic imagery, she chastises the Erik’s, Maleek’s, and Christian’s for their immature behavior, while sporting a long train money-printed durag and drowning in Benjamin’s atop a hooptie (car).

Much of Ho, why is you here? not only considers what it sounds like to be a badass young Black woman, but also sends an extremely strong message of independence. She doesn’t need any flat or fake romanticisms of “love,” or sex at every turn. Flo doesn’t make it seem like there’s anything wrong with desiring such, but she does make it clear that she’s chasing her dreams. And she’s not dealing with your fake love or drama. Overall, listeners will receive much pleasure from hearing Flo shut down the naysayers while she counts her money on her new EP. 

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