Before giving birth to a full-grown shadow assassin in HBO’s “Game of Thrones,” Carice van Houten had won three Golden Calves, two stage awards in her native Netherlands and was nominated for a BAFTA. Van Houten had also acted in German-British and American-Canadian cinema acting with A-List actors in “Black Death” and “Repo Men” respectively. 

Her acting credits include Juan Carlos Fresnadillo’s Intruders and Bill Condon’s The Fifth Estate, the Jesse Owens biopic, Race, with Jason Sudekis and Jeremy Irons and voiced a character in The Simpsons. She can also be seen in Brian de Palma’s Domino and in Brimstone, opposite Dakota Fanning, Guy Pearce and Kit Harrington, and The Glass Room, with Claes Bang. She played a leading role in Halina Reijn’s directorial feature debut Instinct, opposite Marwan Kenzari (Aladdin), which won the Variety Piazza Grande Award in Locarno Film Festival 2019. Instinct is the first outing for the Carice and Halina’s production banner, Man Up.

Van Houten began a music career in 2012 with her album “See You on the Ice.” Although this move shocked some, it wasn’t untested. One of the Golden Calf winners, from the Netherlands Film Festival, was “Black Book,” a 2006 World War II spy thriller about a Jewish-Dutch singer who becomes a spy. Van Houten starred in the film and sang three songs for the soundtrack. She’s also been singing since the early years of her career, acting in the 2001 production of the Dutch musical comedy, “Foxtrot,” and the recorded production of Dutch cabaret duo Acda en de Munnik’s long-running “Ren Lenny Ren” in 2006. Van Houten also sang “No Surrender” with Dutch pop rock band Kane for Holland Helps Haiti in 2010.

Although the single “Emily” from “See You on the Ice” seems very indie-pop, the album explores various art-music genres. Between the suspenseful synth-pop-turned-industrial-rock “Siren and the Sea” and the sweeping fuzz-tone lullaby “Still I Dream of It,” a wide pallet of emotions are peculiarly explored through a multitude of mixed musical genres.

In 2015, Van Houten recorded “Fear Not” and covered “I’m Not the Only One” live with Michael Prins. Most recently, she sang “Parchman Farm” on Mercury Rev’s 2019 cover album “Bobbie Gentry’s Delta Sweete Revisited.” She also starred in “Instinct,” the 2019 Dutch entry for best international feature film Academy Award.


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