Patrón: Simply Perfect for More Than You Know

By: Marcie Camero

Sitting in a rattan swing, looking over the rolling lake with live music playing in the background. Friends sitting near, sprawled on lounge chairs and benches with a small bonfire to warm your toes as the sun sets. Your drink in hand – something cold and refreshing, slightly sweet with a splash of smooth tequila. Is there anything else that could make a simply perfect summer evening better? Only if that tequila is Patrón.



Patrón, founded in 1989, chose to distance its products from the reputation of tequila as hard to swallow and good for quick intoxication. Taking on the mantra, “We Didn’t Invent Tequila, We Just Perfected It,” Patrón has since become synonymous with premium, trendy, taste and sophistication. Their marketing mimics the long life and group effort involved in distilling Patrón tequila. The Weber Blue Agave used by Patrón ripens slowly every eight years. The leaves are stripped, and the piña are chopped by the skilled hands of local workers. The chopped piñas are baked in small brick ovens and crushed by a two-ton volcanic stone wheel and roller mill. The mixture is fermented for three days, distilled, and aged at a minimum of two months (for Patrón Reposado) to ten years (for Extra Añejo 10 Años). Mexican, glass artisans and sustainably harvested fine Portuguese cork create a unique vessel for each batch of tequila made. Finally, the number 1492 is emblazoned on each bottle – Patrón’s Norma Oficial Mexicana number, provided by the Mexican government, authenticating the Mexican origins of each tequila bottle or brand. In total, 60 hands, from beginning to end, is what it takes to provide us with their simply perfect tequila.



At Hacienda Patrón, the socially conscientious organization takes its effect on the environment very seriously.  They reclaim clean water from tequila production and reuse it in cooling towers and for cleaning. They also are the first tequila distillery to use natural gas as a main energy source, reducing CO2 emissions. Patrón’s dedication to sustainability continues with research funding in Mexico; creating more than 5,500 tons of fertilizer compost a year with leftover agave fibers from Patrón’s, and 10 neighboring, distilleries; reforestation and donation of approximately 16,000 trees in their local community; and recently transplanting 3,000 lime trees on the grounds of the Hacienda Patrón when the land was slated for expansion.

Along with their environmental concerns, Patrón fosters the growth of their employees and community. Employees of the distillery are offered an after-hours education program and reduced costs at local universities, flexible work hours and free employee transport to and from the distillery every day. They feed 1,000 families and provide food, shelter and education for two local orphanages. Global food support and disaster relief round out Patrón’s efforts to create a communal environment for all.



Patrón was kind enough to have our team spend time with them in their VIP tent during the MoPop Festival in Detroit this past July. As a fan of tequila, I was truly excited to see what else their brand had to offer. I was tickled to see the various themed drink names, specifically one named for my hometown – the “Driving Force” made with a cordial from Detroit’s own Faygo Rock & Rye The sweet sugar, spicy ginger, and citric grapefruit blended with tequila so smooth it was hardly noticed. The same attention to detail was noted in the “Paloma” and the “Jalisco Mule” Ironically, this subtlety is what stands out most with the Patrón liquors and its brand. In speaking with their master bartender of Detroit, Roger Fruin, we understand that Patrón is not designed for fast shooters and drunken debauchery, but for savoring and enjoying – allowing time to slowly pass while laughing with friends. Patrón embodied that concept in their tent providing a cozy, waterside retreat for folks to enjoy. Their staff was smiling and welcoming, like old friends having you over for a drink. Cool swag including pins and bags were available with a simple share and a hashtag for their summer tour. An interactive system that read your aura and recommended drinks based on its findings, as well as a drink building game that tested your speed and ability to follow directions. We laughed and spent our time chatting with these new acquaintances, simply enjoying their wares and their time.



Even though the summer has passed, Patrón tequila still has its place. To recall what Roger Fruin said, Patrón is about a sophisticated, slow paced, inviting lifestyle. Enjoying every sip, as you enjoy every minute. Holidays are for fun, family, and friends. What better than a “Poinsettia Smash” or a “Touchdown Toddy” at your next gathering? With their list of holiday drinks, Patrón can easily fit in no matter the season, and make it simply perfect.


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